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Institute of Management and Rural Development Administration, Sangli

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Recruitment Process

  • Creating a presence felt on campus.
  • Holding a successful PPT.
  • Arranging on campus visits.
  • Creating a presence felt on campus.

Our students always appreciate the opportunity to meet the representatives from different corporates in different events organized at our premises.

The participating organizations can add value and can create worth by sponsoring various events; this in term may give the organization a higher image felt at the institute. We encourage you to participate in as many numbers of activities/events as possible to help you to fasten your recruitment needs. The company can sponsor project work to the students. Our students have taken up live projects with many organizations.

Holding a successful PPT

The pre-placement talks is a two way communication process where in the representatives of the organization brief the students about the company profile, the job description, number of exact openings, the career progression, the remuneration offered etc. The PPT usually starts with registering with Training & Placement cell and getting a confirmation from the Placement team for holding the PPT. The registration form for the same can be ordered through the fax, email, snail mail, telephone etc.

Arranging on campus visits

The Training & Placement cell makes the necessary arrangements for the representatives of the organization for their campus visit. The state of art infrastructure available at the institute is having a facility of guesthouse to accommodate the representatives. The companies can choose the dates as per their convenience for the visit.

Arranging on campus interviews

The parking lot available at the institute is organized by attendants, who help the visitors to get their vehicles parked at the appropriate place. The students members of the Training & Placement cell take the pleasure in welcoming the representatives at the entrance of the main lobby. The members then escort representatives to designated halls for PPT/Interviews. The representatives are provided with the resumes and the feed back form once they get into the halls. It is highly appreciable on the part of the representatives to fill the follow up form to help the placement cell to upgrade its services offered.

Placement Portal

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